Stair Protection

Most domestic and commercial renovation projects will involve a staircase at some point that needs to be protected from damage during the works. Heavy foot traffic on stairs during construction or DIY work can cause damage to the surface, so it’s best to be prepared and have tread protectors as well as protectors for the handrail and joinery.


Stairs can be covered in numerous materials so, when you’re investing in a stair protection solution, it’s important that you choose something to suit the type of flooring you’re covering. 

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  1. Handrail & Bannister Foam U Profile Standard
    Handrail & Bannister Foam U Profile Standard
    From  £2.81  inc VAT
    From  £2.34  ex VAT
  2. Hose Clips
    Hose Clips
    From  £3.54  inc VAT
    From  £2.95  ex VAT
  3. Cable Ties
    Cable Ties
    From  £1.19  inc VAT
    From  £0.99  ex VAT
  4. Stair Tread Protection
    Stair and Hallway Protection & Tread
    From  £5.10  inc VAT
    From  £4.25  ex VAT
  5. CarpetMate Protection Film
    CarpetMate Protection Film 25m
    From  £14.99  inc VAT
    From  £12.49  ex VAT
  6. Carpet Protection Film Standard
    Carpet Protection Film Standard 100m
    From  £42.00  inc VAT
    From  £35.00  ex VAT
  7. Carpet Protection Film Flame Retardant Embossed
    Carpet Protection Film Flame Retardant 100m
    From  £69.55  inc VAT
    From  £57.96  ex VAT
  8. Stair Newel Post Protection
    Stair Post Protection Standard & FR 114mm x 2m
    From  £10.74  inc VAT
    From  £8.95  ex VAT

8 Items

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Staircase Protection Solutions

PVC protection with a ridged finish, for example, is great if you need something hardwearing with slip resistance. There are many other materials available such as floor card and soft materials that are ideal for covering carpets and softer flooring on the stairs.

And it’s not just the flooring on the stairs that you need to think about, joinery and handrails are also likely to be damaged if not protected when moving furniture or equipment up and down the stairs.

Impact resistant foam protectors are ideal for preventing scuffs, scratches, and dents from bumps when transferring items. Both versatile and practical, these protectors are easy to cut to size and require no additional taping, just simply grip them around the spindles or handrail.

All of our stair protection solutions have been expertly sourced to provide the highest level of quality for the best possible price. For further information about any of our protective solutions, please get in touch with our experienced team.