Door Protectors

During any renovation project or DIY work, it’s essential you protect your doors from unnecessary and costly damage that can be caused when moving in and out of rooms and moving large items around.

We offer a wide range of products to protect doors and doorframes until your project is complete, so you can be certain they will still be in good condition. 

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  1. Foam Door Frame Protection
    Foam Door Frame Protection
    From  £7.50  inc VAT
    From  £6.25  ex VAT
  2. Door & Patio Door Cill Protectors
    Door & Patio Door Cill Protectors
    From  £11.99  inc VAT
    From  £9.99  ex VAT
  3. External Door Protection Pack
    External Door Protection Pack
    From  £35.94  inc VAT
    From  £29.95  ex VAT
  4. Door Sleeves Standard and Flame Retardant
    Door Sleeves Standard & FR
    From  £53.94  inc VAT
    From  £44.95  ex VAT

4 Items

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Doorway Protection Solutions

Depending on the job at hand, we have a number of products available for different types of protection – so we’re sure to have everything you need.

Door sleeves prevent minor damage, scratches, dust and dirt, which means doors can be hung throughout refurbishment projects without any risk. We also provide door protection panels for PVC or GRP doors, which are fixed with adhesive tape or magnetic strips for metal doors.

Foam protection works great for internal and external frames, so if an item hits the frame it will bounce off the foam rather than causing chips and dents. It’s also important to protect the door-cill or patio-cill during refurbishment projects as there is likely to be many feet passing through.

Our skilled and experienced team are experts in their field, allowing us to provide high-performance protection for your doors at a fair and affordable price. Of course, value doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality, far from it. We only use the very best materials to ensure that all of our products are of the best possible quality.