Surface Protection

Whether you’re undertaking renovations in your home, you’re planning a spot of DIY, or perhaps you’re hosting a party for friends and family, it’s important that your surfaces, such as stairs, floors, windows, tiles, and any other surfaces within your property, are suitably protected to prevent damage and ensure they continue to look their best.

From stone & ceramic floor protection, wood & timber floor protection, and vinyl protection, through to carpet protection, raised floor protection, and everything in between, we offer a huge range of surface protection solutions that will deliver full and reliable protection for hard and soft surfaces.

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  1. Handrail & Bannister Foam U Profile Standard
    Handrail & Bannister Foam U Profile Standard
    From  £2.81  inc VAT
    From  £2.34  ex VAT
  2. Hose Clips
    Hose Clips
    From  £3.54  inc VAT
    From  £2.95  ex VAT
  3. Paint-on Glass Protection Glass Protection
    Paint-on Window Protection 20l
    From  £342.00  inc VAT
    From  £285.00  ex VAT
  4. Glass Demolition Protection Film
    Glass Demolition Film 600mm x 100m
    From  £90.00  inc VAT
    From  £75.00  ex VAT
  5. Blackout Film
    Blackout Window Film 600mm x 100m
    From  £89.94  inc VAT
    From  £74.95  ex VAT
  6. Bubble Wrap Self Adhesive
    Self Adhesive Bubble Wrap 750mm x 100m
    From  £53.94  inc VAT
    From  £44.95  ex VAT
  7. Appliance Protector
    Free Standing Appliance Protector
    From  £25.80  inc VAT
    From  £21.50  ex VAT
  8. Worktop Protector
    Kitchen Worktop Protector 2m x 600mm
    From  £3.78  inc VAT
    From  £3.15  ex VAT
  9. Cable Ties
    Cable Ties
    From  £1.19  inc VAT
    From  £0.99  ex VAT
  10. Stair Tread Protection
    Stair and Hallway Protection & Tread
    From  £5.10  inc VAT
    From  £4.25  ex VAT
  11. CarpetMate Protection Film
    CarpetMate Protection Film 25m
    From  £14.99  inc VAT
    From  £12.49  ex VAT
  12. Carpet Protection Film Standard
    Carpet Protection Film Standard 100m
    From  £42.00  inc VAT
    From  £35.00  ex VAT

Items 1-12 of 25

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Protecting Your Surfaces

Not only will these surface protectors keep the surfaces in your home in tip-top condition, but they will also help save on the costs involved in cleaning, repairs, and replacements.

All of the surface protector products we supply are designed to optimise durability, reliability, longevity and, most importantly, results.

We are committed to providing the protection solutions you need to keep your surfaces looking their best and performing to the highest possible standard. Specialists in providing cost-effective protection for the surfaces found in your home or working environment, we use the very best materials in order to provide the very best products, at the best possible price.

Struggling to find the right product for your needs? If you have any questions about our surface protection services, to get in touch. Our team is always on hand to answer any of your questions!