Site Supplies

When it comes to carrying out any DIY or construction project, it’s vital that you have the protective tools, materials and equipment you need to complete the project you are working on to the highest possible standard.

Whether you’re looking for Adhesive Tape, Cable Protectors, Certified Flame Retardant Protection, Door Protection, External Protection or Floor Protection, or you require Internal Protection, Kitchen Protection, Sanitary Ware Protection or Stair Protection, we stock a huge range of site supplies that are suitable for use in a range of commercial and residential environments.

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  1. Washing Lines
    Washing Lines Indoor & Outdoor
    From  £19.14  inc VAT
    From  £15.95  ex VAT
  2. Hose Clips
    Hose Clips
    From  £3.54  inc VAT
    From  £2.95  ex VAT
  3. Rainwater Temporary Downpipe
    Temporary Rainwater Downpipe 100m
    From  £47.34  inc VAT
    From  £39.45  ex VAT
  4. Sky Hooks for Cables
    Sky Hooks for Cables (Pack of 100)
    From  £174.00  inc VAT
    From  £145.00  ex VAT
  5. Compost & Recycle Bins
    Three Compartment Recycle Bin
    From  £66.54  inc VAT
    From  £55.45  ex VAT
  6. Compost & Recycle Bins
    Compost Bin 220l
    From  £41.94  inc VAT
    From  £34.95  ex VAT
  7. Cable Ties
    Cable Ties
    From  £1.19  inc VAT
    From  £0.99  ex VAT
  8. Water Butts
    Water Butt Standard & Spacesaver
    From  £47.94  inc VAT
    From  £39.95  ex VAT
  9. Pallet Wrap
    Pallet Wrap
    From  £8.94  inc VAT
    From  £7.45  ex VAT
  10. Staple Guns & Staples
    Staple Gun & Staples
    From  £11.94  inc VAT
    From  £9.95  ex VAT
  11. Black Bin Liners and Rubble Sacks
    Bin Liners and Rubble Sacks
    From  £23.94  inc VAT
    From  £19.95  ex VAT
  12. Bubble Wrap
    Bubble Wrap Standard & FR
    From  £39.18  inc VAT
    From  £32.65  ex VAT

12 Items

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Essential Site Supplies

So whether you’re renovating the inside of your property, or you’re extending the outside of your home, you will find everything you could possibly need to ensure that your property, furnishings and outside spaces are protected.

After all, when you’re carrying out any renovation work, it’s easy for your property’s flooring, furnishings, fixtures and fittings to become damaged, chipped or scratched.

All of our site supplies have been manufactured to the highest possible standard and designed to provide strong, durable and safety focused protective solutions that do not require skilled labour to use.

We have earned a reputation as leaders in our field when it comes to providing the very best protection solutions for your home. Using the very best materials in order to provide the best possible products at the best possible prices, on our site you’ll find a whole host of site supplies that will ensure your home remains in pristine condition during periods of DIY and construction.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Don’t worry! If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly and helpful team is always on hand to answer any of your questions.