Disposable Overshoes

With dust, dirt, and general debris around, disposable overshoes are essential during a renovation, construction, or DIY work if you want to prevent tradespeople and visitors from trailing dirt and dust into certain areas or rooms in your home.  

We offer a selection of disposable overshoes to securely fit over footwear and protect surfaces, carpets, floors, and stairs from dirt, dust and debris during projects. Ideal for many industries, these protective overshoes are great for site visitors and keep environments clean in the process.

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Disposable Overshoes For Site Protection

And they aren’t just for DIY projects. Many people like to keep these overshoes to hand for general use, particularly if they have just installed a new carpet or flooring, or if they are showing potential buyers around their home on a regular basis and want to keep cleaning to a minimum!

These disposable overshoes are light, breathable and easy to apply with an elasticated attachment at the top, so they will securely fit onto the ankle and stay in place. This single-use garment is lightweight, dustproof and waterproof, so can be used in all kinds of different conditions depending on the job at hand.

One size fits all and although disposable, these overshoes are made from quality materials and offer outstanding performance. If you need a cost-effective solution for keeping cleaning to a minimum and containing dirt, dust and debris during your project, our disposable overshoes are the perfect solution.

If you have any questions about our disposable overshoes, please do not hesitate to get in touch.