Internal Protection

From carpets and tiles, through to doors and windows, if you’re embarking on any renovation or DIY projects, it’s important that your internal surfaces, items, and floors are protected from any dust, debris, and stains, not to mention the wear and tear of people passing through your home.

And it’s not just during periods of work. You may also need protective solutions for internal spaces if you’re holding a party or gathering, or simply having a large group to stay in your home.

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  1. Rubber Entrance Mat
    Large Rubber Door Mat 800mm x 600mm x 13mm
    From  £20.34  inc VAT
    From  £16.95  ex VAT
  2. Props (for use with Polythene sheets)
    Props (for use with Polythene sheets)
    From  £34.74  inc VAT
    From  £28.95  ex VAT
  3. Tack Mats
    Low Profile Sticky Tack Mat 800mm x 648mm
    From  £66.66  inc VAT
    From  £55.55  ex VAT
  4. Tack Mats
    Heavy Duty Sticky Tack Mat 610mmx 910mm 2 pack
    From  £158.28  inc VAT
    From  £131.90  ex VAT
  5. CarpetMate Protection Film
    CarpetMate Protection Film 25m
    From  £14.99  inc VAT
    From  £12.49  ex VAT
  6. Carpet Protection Film Standard
    Carpet Protection Film Standard 100m
    From  £42.00  inc VAT
    From  £35.00  ex VAT
  7. Carpet Protection Film Flame Retardant Embossed
    Carpet Protection Film Flame Retardant 100m
    From  £69.55  inc VAT
    From  £57.96  ex VAT
  8. Zip Doors 2m Long & 2 Zips
    Zip Doors
    From  £27.30  inc VAT
    From  £22.75  ex VAT
  9. Polythene Film Standard and Flame Retardant
    Polythene Sheets Standard and FR
    From  £19.14  inc VAT
    From  £15.95  ex VAT
  10. Dust Sheets
    Dust Sheets
    From  £9.54  inc VAT
    From  £7.95  ex VAT

10 Items

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Protection For Interiors

That’s where our internal protection solutions come in, providing reliable, effective, and temporary protection when you need it most.

From bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, and furniture protection bags in all shapes and sizes, through to internal windowsill protection, overshoes, dust sheets, zip door kits, and the adhesive tape you’ll need to secure everything in place without causing damage, we’ve got everything you need to keep the internal areas of your home safe and protected at all times.

We are experts in providing the protection solutions you need to keep your home looking its best! Over the years, we have worked hard to bring you the best cost-effective protection your home or working environment, using only the very best materials in order to provide the very best products, at the best possible price.