Beautiful Britain - home to tremendous halls, castles and a long, bloody, history. And with that in mind, it’s no surprise this tiny island has a plentiful amount of paranormal activity. Whether it’s ancient ghost stories or unexplained phenomena, there is always something hiding in the UK’s dark shadows. Protection Supplies have compiled a map of all the haunts in Britain and ranked them in terms of their spookiness, so you can avoid or visit if you fancy scaring yourself silly.

In the UK you can expect to find:

Lady Ghosts – the spectre of a dead person, named after the colour they wear.

Poltergeists - a type of spirit that makes noises and moves objects.

Headless Horseman – a headless man riding horseback.

Black Dog – demonic entity found typically in the night, looks like a black dog.

Wild Hunt – usually appears as a group of hunters in the wild.

Shadow Person – observation of a living black shadow or black mass.




Hampton Court Palace, London


This beautiful palace has a dark past. Two of Henry VIII wives are common spectres here – Jane Seymour and Catherine Howard. Before Catherine was beheaded for adultery she ran across the court screaming for mercy. Today it is said that her spirit repeats this terrifying ordeal every, single, day. Ever since the palace was renovated in 1829, a haunting grey lady has been seen to walk the corridors. It is believed to be Sybil Penn - a servant whose tomb was disturbed when the court was refurbished. A more recent tale of a mysterious figure was caught on CCTV. In 2003 security guards noticed a fire door kept being opened. They couldn’t find the person opening the door, until one day a creepy ‘skeletor’ was caught on camera.


The village of Puckley, Kent


Possibly the most haunted place in the U.K. Don’t take our word for it, The Guinness Book of World Records has awarded this tiny village the Most Haunted Village in Britain in 1989. It would perhaps still hold the title if the Guinness Book of World Records didn’t remove the category. There is apparently 12 ghosts that frequent this village, that’s a ratio of one ghost to every 89 people. Among the apparitions that disturb here is a schoolmaster that was found hanging by pupils and a coach and horse that rushes through the town.


Chillingham Castle, Northumberland


So haunted poets have been inspired to write poems about the castle. The most famous ghost lurking here is the blue boy. Once the clock strikes midnight his ear-piercing cries can be heard throughout the castle. He mostly inhabits the pink room – appearing as an orb or blue halos of light. They say during the 20th Century the skeleton of a child was found in the walls of the castle along with fragments of blue fabric. Creepy.


Raynam Hall, Norfolk


One of the most famous hauntings in Britain happened at this picturesque hall in Norfolk, when Country Life magazine photographed the well-known Brown Lady in 1936, creating hysteria across the U.K. The ghoul of the Brown Lady, named because of the brown brocade dress she wears, is apparently Dorothy Walpole. She was the daughter of the first Prime Minister, Robert Walpole. There have been numerous sightings of this haunting lady. The first finding of this spirit occurred during Christmas time in 1835, and she has haunted the hall ever since.


Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire


There are too many odd and unsettling events that occurred at this inn, that it could not feature on this map. Such as, children being murdered, witches burnt to the ground, devil worshipping, and eight people who have stayed here have had to be exorcised. Talk about eerie. The ghost of a monk apparently haunts a room called ‘The Bishop’s Inn’. And a ghost of a man on horseback walks through the walls.


 Fyvie Castle, Turriff, Scotland


This 800-year old castle in Aberdeenshire has a long history of murder and treachery. And with chilling past, there is bound to be restless apparitions seeking their revenge. One creepy story is of a phantom trumpeter. The echoes of a trumpet can be heard throughout the castle, believed to be played by Andrew Lammie. Sadly, Andrew died of a broken heart when he heard of his lover, Agnes, passing. Lady Meldrum frequents this castle as a grey lady spectre. She apparently requested to be buried in a secret room in the castle. It wasn’t until her remains were discovered in 1920 that her spirit started roaming the castle.


Crumlin Road Goal, Belfast


This disturbing location is famed for being one of the most haunted places in Belfast. This dingy dwelling used to be a jail and a courthouse, inhabiting some of Belfast’s most infamous convicts. Several, ghost investigators have visited this frightening jail, reporting strange sounds and spirits. A group of paranormal investigators visited the old jail in 2016. A woman took an innocent photo of what looked like an abandoned corridor. Later when she looked back at the photo, it seemed someone else was with her. If you want to visit this place, prepare for a bad case of the heebie-jeebies.


Skirrid Inn, Abergavenney, Wales


Tales of 180 hangings cast a bloodcurdling shadow over this 12th Century pub. There have been many rumours of strange goings on in this old-timey pub. Such as the former Judge roaming the inn, trying to find felons to sentence to death and the spirits of criminals causing mischief. Past landlady of the pub, Heather Grant, tried to sell the inn earlier but found the ghouls became more active. "There were glasses flying about and all sorts, I think the ghosts want(ed) me to stay,” she said.


Newsham Park Hospital, Liverpool

What used to be an orphanage and hospital, is now a derelict ghost-hunting playground. Expect to hear the cries of children and sounds of doors opening and closing from misbehaving kids, if you want to visit this spine-chilling place. Last year a group of ghost hunters visited the former hospital, taking a photo like they always do. But, this time the photograph captured a strange figure in the background. Paranormal investigator, Phillip, said “I have never come across anything like this before…we asked everyone who was there if they remember this person, but they don’t.”


Drakelow Tunnels, Kidderminster


Many people have passed away in this former top-secret underground military facility, most during the construction of the tunnels. The channels are pitch black, already enough to give you the chills. But to scare you, even more, the location is riddled with paranormal activity. Numerous visitors have experienced the presence of the infamous Oswald. He’s known to tug hair, touch people and move items.


Berry Pomeroy Castle, Devon


Beware of the blue lady lurking around this castle, luring in passer-by’s only for them to fall to their death. This ruins castle holds many dark secrets. One of the most famous spectres of this castle is the white lady. Believed to be Lady Margaret Pomeroy, she starved to death in this castle after her sister locked her away for being prettier. She’s no doubt seeking revenge on those that dare to visit. Recently a group of teenagers visited this ‘most haunted building in the U.K’, capturing what appears to be a ghost of a horse and person in a photo. The teenager said: “Charlie never believed in ghosts before and I have always been sceptical about it, I didn’t believe it 100 per cent until I saw it for myself.”

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  • Place vinegar in a dish and let it evaporate overnight

Fancy visiting Britain's spookiest spots? Check out our interactive map down below.