1. 8 Sustainable Innovations that are Shaping the Construction Sector

    With the UK construction, operation and maintenance industry accounting for 48% of the UK’s carbon emissions, the focus of many innovations in construction is now on reducing the construction sector's CO2 output. Protection Supplies have uncovered the cutting-edge yet conscious building materials of the future before revealing how these materials are changing the way that buildings are now being constructed...
  2. 6 Surprising Benefits of Moving to a New House

    Moving to a new house can be incredibly daunting, costly, but most of all, stressful. In fact, 2/3 people consider ‘moving home’ more stressful than a divorce, relationship breakdown, or starting a new job. But with so many Brits - 370,000 in fact - moving house right now, there must be some positives, right? To highlight the positives of moving...
  3. Mapped: UK's Spookiest Places

    Beautiful Britain - home to tremendous halls, castles and a long, bloody, history. And with that in mind, it’s no surprise this tiny island has a plentiful amount of paranormal activity. Whether it’s ancient ghost stories or unexplained phenomena, there is always something hiding in the UK’s dark shadows. Protection Supplies have compiled a map of all the haunts in...
  4. The Spooky Paranormal Past of Crumlin Road
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  7. Most Destructive House Parties on Film

    A free house, teens, alcohol, and music - what could possibly go wrong? A lot. We’ve all seen the famous college party depicted in movies. There is almost always debauchery, spilt drinks, and general house trashing. These parties cause a lot more damage than your average house party. In a film, you’d be lucky if your house party cost £500...
  8. Welcome to the Protection Supplies Blog

    Hi This is just a quick note to say welcome to our blog! Over the coming weeks you will see some interesting articles and features relating to the construction industry and the world of site and home protection. We hope you find them interesting and welcome any feedback you have? We have started introducing guides and information to help you...
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