Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive tapes are highly versatile, strong, and durable, making them perfect for accommodating the demands of a whole host of applications on commercial and residential building sites.

From Easi-Peel Flame Retardant PVC Tape, Heavy Duty Gaffer Tape, and Double Sided Gaffer Tape, through to Hazard Warning Tape, Safety-Walk Tape, and Nuclear Tape, we provide an extensive selection of adhesive tapes, all of which have a number of different uses.

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  1. Adhesive Tape Remover
    Adhesive Tape Remover
    From  £18.54  inc VAT
    From  £15.45  ex VAT
  2. Double Sided PVC Tape
    Double Sided PVC Tape
    From  £15.54  inc VAT
    From  £12.95  ex VAT
  3. Tape Dispenser Gun
    Tape Dispenser Gun
    From  £11.94  inc VAT
    From  £9.95  ex VAT
  4. High Tack PVC Fire Retardant Tape
    Fire Retardant Tape (High Tack)
    From  £3.54  inc VAT
    From  £2.95  ex VAT
  5. Gaffer Tape Double Sided
    Double Sided Gaffer Tape
    From  £13.14  inc VAT
    From  £10.95  ex VAT
  6. Gaffer Tape Heavy Duty
    Gaffer Tape (Heavy Duty)
    From  £17.94  inc VAT
    From  £14.95  ex VAT
  7. Gaffer Tape
    Gaffer Tape
    From  £3.18  inc VAT
    From  £2.65  ex VAT
  8. Low Tack Vinyl Tape
    Low Tack Vinyl Tape
    From  £3.54  inc VAT
    From  £2.95  ex VAT
  9. Masking Tape
    Masking Tape
    From  £3.54  inc VAT
    From  £2.95  ex VAT
  10. Hazard Warning Tape
    Hazard Warning Tape
    From  £5.63  inc VAT
    From  £4.69  ex VAT

10 Items

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Designed to temporally hold different materials together, we stock a comprehensive range of fixing tapes that are ideal for jointing or sticking to finished surfaces.

The adhesive tape that is right for you will depend on the finished surface you are applying the tape to therefore, it’s important that you check whether the tape is best suited to the application you need it for. 

Manufactured using the strongest, user-friendly materials, all of our adhesive tapes are hard wearing and flame resistant, making them ideal for meeting the needs of a wide range of DIY and construction projects.

We are committed to providing the protection solutions you need to keep your surfaces looking their best and performing to the highest possible standard. Specialists in providing affordable protection for the framework and furnishings, we utilise only the very best materials in order to provide the very best products. This is an area of our business that we absolutely refuse to compromise on. 

If you have any questions about our adhesive tapes, please do not hesitate to get in touch.